Barco MDMX-22449 GNTB MNA 24" FHD + 49” 4K Smart Panel

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Combined 24” Full-HD and 49” 4K in-wall console for the OR Mounted in-wall console... more
Product information "Barco MDMX-22449 GNTB MNA 24" FHD + 49” 4K Smart Panel"

Combined 24” Full-HD and 49” 4K in-wall console for the OR

  • Mounted in-wall console for the OR
  • Double display configuration of 24-inch Full-HD and 49-inch 4K display
  • Integrated Nexxis connectivity
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Optional touchscreen

MDMX-22449 GNTB is an in-wall OR console that consists of a 24” Full-HD and a 49” 4K display, with an optional touchscreen. It includes integrated Nexxis connectivity and can also offer touchscreen functionality. The console allows the entire OR staff to combine and view multiple images, with an intuitive control system for flexible and easy use.

Optimize valuable space

The MDMX-22449 GNTB is multifunctional: it can function as a nurse station area presenting patient and surgery information, and it’s also an AV control station. It offers direct control of remote PC sources and thanks to its integrated Nexxis decoder, video routing and compositions can be managed without additional installation or configuration.

The console is integrated in the OR wall, so it doesn’t take up any additional space. The black protective, anti-reflective glass front cover allows for easy cleaning and disinfecting.

Enjoy maximum flexibility with Nexxis inside

The MDMX-22449 GNTB fits perfectly within Nexxis’ plug and play system: you can route any Nexxis source to the screen, on which multiple types of compositions are possible.

Additionally, a programmable Nexxis button makes it easy to adapt the console’s functionalities to the OR team’s needs: start/stop recordings, take snapshots, change video layouts, reset video source, …

Tailor it to your needs

All components are integrated in the console, which reduces installation time and cost. One or two optional foldable IP68 keyboards are available in several regional variants (US, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Turkish), as well as trackpads and USB mouses.


  • Enjoy ergonomic viewing support for everyone in the OR: from doctors and nurses to trainees
  • Choose the touchscreen option and work even more quickly and easily
  • See time and date, synced with the hospital network, from anywhere in the OR
  • Rely on StopWatch functions for time-sensitive interventions
  • Connect mobile devices, such as mobile C-arm video sources, to Nexxis
  • Use the PACS optimization button to quickly switch between color profiles: for optimal viewing of PACS images or other modalities
  • Interact with remote-PC video sources as if you’re in front of them
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